Patrick Van Gorder - President & COO


Patrick Van Gorder

Patrick X.W. Van Gorder has been part of the leadership team of Level Agency since the company’s founding in 2010. Starting as Lead Copywriter, Van Gorder has made measurable, significant contributions in each subsequent role he has held; as Director of Campaigns and Platforms, as AVP of Client Services, as VP of Operations, as Senior Vice President and Head of Accounts, EVP, and in his current role as President and COO.

Van Gorder’s responsibilities as President and COO include the day-to-day operations of the agency and the strategic performance marketing success of the agency’s clients. That encompasses fostering healthy, trust-rooted partner relationships, developing increasingly ROI-effective ways to digitally reach target audiences, and consistently delivering attention-grabbing and relevant advertising creative.

Van Gorder attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he graduated with a B.A. dual major in Journalism and Political Science. A son of missionary parents, Van Gorder grew up in five different countries across three continents, before coming to the University of Pittsburgh to study Journalism and Political Science. He lives in Pittsburgh’s East End with his wife Sophia, daughter Pearl, golden retriever Lily, and cat Basil.


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Patrick Van Gorder

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