Author: Jeremy King

Federal guidelines are shifting away from their laissez-faire approach to one that puts more scrutiny on third-party vendors. Higher education institutions that receive federal student aid funds are reevaluating their relationships with these for-profit businesses.
In the United States, over 40 million adults fall into this 'stopped-out' category. Despite the growing number of adults with some college but without a degree, fewer are re-enrolling than ever.
With Search Generative Experience, the top of the search results page will carry the AI response to your question. Google’s AI results are generated by their AI engine and include sources, but the intent is that you won’t need to click them to find what you need.
The challenge for educational institutions is to identify and implement the right mix of motivators, financial aid packages, online and evening programs, and outcomes-based messaging. These elements are crucial in creating an environment conducive to learning, especially for adult learners aged 25 and above.
Cookie deprecation doesn’t have to mean the end of your digital marketing department...Even though you won’t have access to third-party data, you’ll still have to show a strong return on investment to justify your spend.