PIMA Medical Institute

Expanding Channel Mix Yields Greater Audience Penetration and 31% Traffic Growth


With 90% of its social spend in Facebook and Instagram, Pima was underrepresented on the emerging social media channels where their core 25-to-35-year-old audiences were most active.


In close collaboration with the client team, we developed a channel expansion plan with an innovative measurement component. The plan consisted of three key initiatives:

  • Conduct an addressable media sizing exercise to find the most promising platforms to test
  • Develop a segmentation and testing framework to test platform effectiveness for Pima
  • Analyze the test and reallocate spend

The analysis identified TikTok, Snapchat, and Reddit as the most promising platforms. Our creative team adapted video assets into ads best suited for each platform, while media carefully designed holdout experiments to ensure reliable learnings.

This channel expansion increased website traffic by a significant 31%. We used Bayesian structural time-series statistical model to prove that our strategy was responsible for the lift.

Combined with our measurement of platform and audience-specific tests, this model assessed what would have happened had we never run the campaign at all, validating with 95% confidence how this new channel strategy was impacting overall funnel performance.

PIMA Medical Institute, Organic web traffic increase driven by new social channel


Organic web traffic increase driven by new social channels


Statistical confidence