Turning Challenging Disruption into an Award-winning Campaign Generating 4,000+ Assisted Leads

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In higher education, January performance is critical. For Ancora, lead and enroll volume is typically 15 and 20% higher for direct/organic sources vs the typical month and is the second-highest enrolling month of the year. With any account takeover, rule #1 is “do no harm”, but when we took over Ancora ad accounts in November 2021, the previous agency was unwilling to provide their video ad assets required for broadcast, YouTube, and OTT video, channels that combined made up 90% of Ancora’s awareness spend.

Without campaigns live, we’d have a significant uphill battle for natural brand growth without support from awareness channels. With just six weeks until January and a lot at stake, it would take partnership, planning, and flawless execution to produce 20 broadcast-quality video ads in time.


We developed a collaborative discovery and production process kicking off with interviews with more than 20 institutional stakeholders, generating concepts and storyboards, and sourcing footage. After a rapid approvals and refinement process, we produced 20 new video ads in time for the launch deadline. What did it yield? Two Education Digital Marketing Awards and thousands of leads.
  • Silver Award for Skilled Trades OTT/TV Spot: Miller-Motte College
  • Bronze Award for General Brand OTT/TV Spot: AAI
These awards not only demonstrated our capacity to deliver exceptional results in challenging circumstances but also to effectively drive brand visibility for the schools and campuses with measurable down-funnel results. The campaigns reached wide visibility with more than 69M impressions, bringing more than 150K new visitors to the campus websites and assisting with more than 4,000 new leads during the flight.
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Education Digital Marketing Awards


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