Sarah Vader

I joined Becker Media in 2013 bringing over ten years of direct response marketing and advertising experience. I have worked with all sorts of clients ranging from weight loss to automotive. Since joining Becker Media, I have immersed myself in learning all aspects of the school business. I currently manage all of our client relationships out of the West Coast office. I’m committed to developing long-term partnerships, and I’m involved in all aspects of the client’s day to day marketing strategy. I am passionate and committed to helping clients achieve a quantifiable return on their investment.

Some things people don't know about me:

I’m a huge movie buff, and I’m full of useless trivia about movies, especially 80’s movies.  I’m also an avid reader; some of my favorite authors are Bill Bryson, Alice Hoffman, and Jane Austen.  I love to travel and hope to get a new stamp on my passport each year.