If you’ve been buying leads for any length of time, you know that managing the campaigns effectively is extremely detail-oriented work and therefore very time consuming. Our team has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate campaigns so we know the process inside and out. The key to improving your Pay-Per-Lead performance is finding leads with greater intent of going to school and paying less for them. We can help you with this.

As part of our optimization on your behalf, we aggressively negotiate your costs — we believe you should be paying for leads based on your results, not “market rates”. This means we leverage your data to determine what the optimal price is for every lead source and do not rely on the “market rate”.

We focus on your cost-per-start – we will always focus on new students, not leads, because we know leads do not generate revenue. We will increase your scrub rate – we all know most PPL leads will never convert, so why are you returning so few of them? We can establish processes to maximize your returns, which translates into lower cost-per-starts.

What to expect from Becker Media Pay-Per-Inquiry services:

  1. Lower lead costs
  2. Continuous elimination of bad lead sources
  3. Increased leads, enrollments, and starts